African Coffee Tables

Carved and Designed lounge tables with the Wild African Spirit

We have been producing quality African styled coffee and lounge tables for over 20 years, doing different and unique designs, but all containing the Wild African Spirit.

African elephant carved in table by Mukango Wa African Furniture

Big 5 African Coffee Tables

The Big 5 Animal Kingdom is our most popular theme clients love. We have incorporated done hundreds of Big 5 tables that sit in places all around the world, but every single piece is unique and different in their own way.

Muakango Wa Africa Big 5 Coffee Table Oval shape

Uniqueness in our African Coffee Tables

No Big 5 animal is carved the same on any table. It is always a different Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Elephant and Rhino running majestically across each table done in our studio. Our African Coffee tables come in different sizes and shapes depending on our clients specifications and design needs.

Mukango Wa Africa Big 5 Coffee Table Oval shape

Custom Designed African Coffee Tables

Many people want their family crest carved into a coffee table with our African Artistic touch. Some furniture connoisseurs want specific designs and symbols on their coffee tables as well. We take this all in consideration when creating your dream coffee table.

Custom designed Coffee table with Lion

Variety of African Patterns, Shapes & Designs for African Coffee tables

Our creativity forever expands and we have created and carved all kinds of stunning African coffee tables with different functions and features. Some clients require drawers as part of their coffee table design for example

Shine like a diamond Rhino Coffee Table

We have also done amazing designs whereby we have  carve and incorporate a complete Lion or Big 5 animal into the design. Normally placed beneath the coffee table in different ways and styles that is both creative and authentic in design.

African Lion Coffee Table