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Furniture is a statement about yourself. What you choose and how you furnish your home speaks about your personality, your taste, your values. With flatpack furniture dominating the market, people are increasingly harking back to their roots. They want something that speaks to them. The answer is hand-carved African furniture.

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Kennedy Daka & His Furniture

Behind the Artwork

Hand Carved Exellence

Born in Zambia, artist Chiwama Kennedy Daka opened his wood workshop Mukango Wa Africa with a simple aim. To create beautiful, African traditional furniture.

His tremendous love for the animals of the open savannah – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo – for the villages that dot the countryside and the natural world shines through every piece.

But Kennedy also enjoys developing new styles and designs for customers. If you’ve got a challenge, he rises to it.

With thousands of satisfied customers – and some of the most beautiful hand-carved African furniture anywhere in the world – Kennedy has certainly made his mark.

The only question is, what will you ask him to make?

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Chiwama Kennedy Daka
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ARTIST / FOUNDER of mukango wa africa
African throne by Mukango Wa Africa with head artist Kennedy Chiwama Daka

Inspiration in everyone of our pieces,
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The Goal And Commitment

All the way to custom jobs, Mukango Wa Africa Has got you covered from a wide range. Only the finest wood for the most stylish of pieces. It’s not just comfort we strive for its excellence we assure you. Lion of Africa only has the best of what you are seeking.

One hundred percent of all of our furniture pieces come from recycled wood as is given a new life, A life taken in the form of an art & furniture piece.

We believe in quality & design without costing the ecosystem in the process.

Have a free piece in mind knowing that every one of your purchases goes towards the environment.

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We export anywhere in south africa

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Our Guine African Furniture

Hand Carved African furniture

Passion & Pride

The Son of the Africa Soil has tamed the untameable, by placing the Wild African spirit in all our works of Art. You dream a piece, and we make it come true. We are masters of wood carving with Big 5 designs, village scenes, and Natural designs to custom specifications.

Unlike cheap, poorly-made flatpack furniture, wooden furniture from Mukango Wa lasts. Made from high-quality wood, a well-cared-for table could stay in a family for generations. Just like the skills that helped make it. All it takes is a little care and attention. Using the right furniture polish, a table will look as good as the day it was made.

As one buyer, Kumeshree Govender, noted, “Kennedy made a dining room table for my parents ten years ago! It’s still as strong and beautiful as day one! Talented is an understatement!”

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