The Journey Behind the African Leopard Throne

Leopard Throne African Big 5
Leopard Throne African Big 5 close up

The Mighty Leopard meets African Carved Furniture

At Mukango Wa Africa Furniture, we specialise in hand-crafted, luxury furniture pieces for discerning home decorators who seek to add a unique, African flair to their spaces. Our latest piece, the African Leopard Throne, is a stunning example of the beauty and skill that can be achieved through careful craftsmanship, and we are excited to share the journey of its creation with you. 

The African Leopard Throne is the result of careful planning and design. We wanted to create a piece that captured the majesty of the African Leopard, one of the Big Five animals of Africa and an animal that is revered for its beauty and strength. Our team of skilled artisans went to work designing a throne that would bring this powerful animal to life. The chair is hand-carved from hardwood, and features intricate detailing that showcases the leopard’s powerful body and distinctive markings. 

We used a special staining and finishing technique to give the throne a unique, deep brown colour that complements the animal’s natural colouring. The back of the chair is adorned with a detailed, hand-painted leopard face, and the chair is lined with a comfortable cushion to ensure a comfortable sitting experience. The African Leopard Throne is a stunning example of the beauty and artistry that can be achieved through thoughtful and detailed craftsmanship. 

We are proud to have created this piece and to share it with those who appreciate the beauty of the African Leopard and the skills of our team of artisans. But the journey of creating this piece does not end with its completion. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible products, and to that end, we offer a range of customisations and aftercare services to ensure that the African Leopard Throne remains as beautiful and as powerful as the day it was created. 

At Mukango Wa Africa Furniture, we are passionate about creating pieces that capture the beauty of the African continent and its wildlife. The African Leopard Throne is a perfect example of this commitment, and we are proud to have crafted a piece that showcases the beauty and power of one of the continent’s most beloved animals.

Leopard Throne being carved by Mukango Wa Africa

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