Explore Modern African Furniture: Contemporary Designs for Your Home

modern african furniture

Modern African furniture offers a unique and contemporary design aesthetic that adds a touch of elegance and cultural richness to any home. If you’re looking to incorporate this style into your living space, there are several sources that provide information on modern African furniture and contemporary designs for your home.

One source is TheUrbanative, a South African furniture and product design company that combines African cultural graphics with modern silhouettes. The brand believes in functional and authentic design and collaborates with talented professionals for inspired solutions. TheUrbanative has also partnered with well-known companies such as Nandos and Weylandts.

Another source showcases African furniture designs, including chairs, tables, and ottomans. Marie Burgos, a designer, creates modern armchairs and sofas with retro influences and vibrant colours. The Ile Ila brand combines Nigerian materials with mid-century design in their accent chairs. Tekura, a Ghanaian brand, offers handcrafted side tables and benches that showcase traditional African home decor.

Furthermore, 54kibo is an African woman-owned store that curates modern African home decor. They prioritize traditional craftsmanship, sustainability, and showcase African luxury decor. They offer a wide range of home accessories, furniture, and gifts inspired by African architecture and design techniques. The brand also supports black-owned businesses and artisans from Africa and its diaspora.

Key Takeaways

  • Modern African furniture adds elegance and cultural richness to any home.
  • TheUrbanative is a South African brand that combines modern silhouettes with African cultural graphics.
  • Marie Burgos, Ile Ila, and Tekura offer unique African furniture designs.
  • 54kibo is an African woman-owned store that curates modern African home decor and supports black-owned businesses and artisans.

TheUrbanative: Merging African Cultural Graphics with Modern Furniture Silhouettes

TheUrbanative, a South African-based contemporary furniture and product design company, stands out for their innovative approach of merging abstract African cultural graphics with the functionality and aesthetic of modern furniture silhouettes. Their founder, Mpho Vackier, is an engineer turned furniture designer who aims to create unique and innovative designs that bring innovation to people’s personal spaces.

The brand believes in the importance of collaboration and has partnered with various brands and creatives to bring design solutions to a wide range of customers. They pride themselves on making and manufacturing all their products in South Africa, supporting the local craftsmanship and South African economy while fostering a sense of community.

TheUrbanative’s furniture designs include chairs, sofas, accent chairs, tables, ottomans, and footstools. Each piece is crafted using traditional techniques and showcases their design philosophy of valuing sophistication, functionality, and design evolution.

The brand’s unique approach of merging abstract African cultural graphics with modern furniture silhouettes is showcased in their products, which offer a contemporary take on African-inspired home decor. From bold patterns to geometric shapes, TheUrbanative celebrates diversity and tells contemporary African stories through their modern furniture and product designs.

Follow TheUrbanative on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more information and updates on their latest designs and collaborations.

Local Craftsmanship: Supporting the South African Economy

TheUrbanative takes pride in their commitment to local craftsmanship, designing and manufacturing all their furniture and products in South Africa to support the local economy and foster a strong sense of community. The brand explores the role of culture and cultural representations in modern societies, telling contemporary African stories through modern furniture and product design.

Another way to support the South African economy through local craftsmanship is by exploring African furniture designs created by internationally-acclaimed makers. These designs include handcrafted chairs, tables, ottomans, and footstools that bring a touch of African culture and tradition to any space. Collaborations with known brands and amazing creatives bring different and personalized designs to the furniture.

54kibo, an African woman-owned store, curates African home decor that showcases Africa’s rich design heritage. Their artisans use centuries-old techniques to create functional high-end home decor while prioritising sustainability in their practices. By shopping from places like 54kibo, buyers can preserve traditional artisanal knowledge and experience the unique beauty of African luxury decor.

The range of African furniture designs available includes chairs, sofas, accent chairs, and tables. The designs incorporate bold pops of colour, soft velvet fabrics, and locally sourced materials. There are also ottomans and footstools in different styles and patterns that add comfort and style to any living space.

When supporting local craftsmanship in South Africa, buyers not only contribute to the economy but also celebrate the creativity of African style and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Africa. By purchasing African home decor and furniture from local artisans and black-owned businesses, buyers can make a positive impact on the local community while preserving Africa’s artisanal heritage for future generations.

In conclusion, supporting local craftsmanship in South Africa through the purchase of African furniture and home decor is not only a way to enhance one’s living space but also a means of promoting sustainable practices and preserving African culture.

Sophistication and Functionality: TheUrbanative’s Design Philosophy

TheUrbanative’s furniture and product designs are known for their touch of sophistication, combining old, new, and futuristic elements to bring innovation and functional beauty to people’s personal spaces. Their design philosophy is guided by the principles of craft, authenticity, and design evolution, creating pieces that make life better and always look good.

The brand, founded by Mpho Vackier, prides itself on keeping production local, showcasing the beauty of South African craftsmanship and supporting the local economy. This commitment to local production also enables TheUrbanative to collaborate with talented creatives globally to offer inspired and multi-functional design solutions.

Every item created by TheUrbanative embodies simplicity and authenticity, with a touch of sophistication in every design. They believe in the power of collaboration, bringing together designers and creatives to produce furniture and products that are both unique and functional.

The brand’s designs have evolved over the years, with a focus on innovation and uniqueness without losing sight of their craft and authenticity. Their collaborations with brands like Nandos and Weylandts showcase their ability to integrate African design into any personal space, demonstrating their commitment to cultural continuity and design evolution.

In summary, TheUrbanative’s design philosophy combines sophistication and functionality, creating furniture and products that enhance the functionality of personal spaces while remaining visually appealing. Through their commitment to craft, authenticity, and design evolution, TheUrbanative has established itself as a leading South African furniture and product design company.

Collaboration and Versatility: TheUrbanative’s Valued Partnerships

In line with their philosophy of collaboration, TheUrbanative works with talented multi-disciplinary professionals to create inspired and imaginative design solutions, collaborating with well-known brands like Nandos, Win-A-Home, and WEYLANDTS. They believe in partnering with individuals and brands who share their values and commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

TheUrbanative’s collaboration with Nandos resulted in the creation of a limited edition range of chairs featuring custom designs, inspired by Nando’s Afro-Portuguese heritage. The Urbanative’s partnership with Win-A-Home resulted in the creation of unique designs that complemented the modern living spaces of the winners. The brand also worked with WEYLANDTS to design a range of contemporary furniture that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Africa.

TheUrbanative’s partnerships with these well-known brands help them to reach new audiences and showcase their design skills, while also providing unique design solutions for their clients. By working with other professionals, TheUrbanative is able to create pieces that are truly original and multi-functional, with a strong African influence.

Ultimately, TheUrbanative’s commitment to collaboration and versatility is at the core of their success, as they continue to create modern African designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, while also supporting local craftsmanship and the South African economy. Their partnerships with other brands demonstrate their ability to work with a variety of design styles and influences, resulting in unique and imaginative pieces that reflect the beauty and cultural richness of Africa.

Marie Burgos: Modern Armchairs and Sofas with Retro Inspiration

Marie Burgos, a designer affiliated with TheUrbanative, brings a fresh and contemporary look to modern armchairs and sofas, incorporating a hint of retro inspiration for a unique design aesthetic. Her designs feature soft velvet upholstery and mid-century shapes, creating a comfortable and stylish addition to any home.

Burgos pays homage to her French upbringing and Caribbean roots in the design of each handcrafted chair. She uses a blend of classic silhouettes with African architectural motifs to create personalized and innovative furniture pieces that add sophistication to personal spaces.

Through collaborations with other brands and creatives, Burgos creates furniture solutions that cater to the unique needs of different clients. She is part of the contemporary African furniture movement that merges African cultural graphics and motifs with modern furniture silhouettes, giving rise to a new design aesthetic.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to add personality to a living space or a comfortable chair to relax in, Marie Burgos’s modern armchairs and sofas bring retro inspiration into contemporary design for a fresh and unique look.

Ile Ila: Vibrant Accent Chairs Celebrating Nigerian Traditions

Ile Ila, a designer associated with TheUrbanative, combines Nigeria’s rich traditions with mid-century design to create vibrant accent chairs that pay homage to the cultural heritage of Nigeria. Their unique aesthetic blends African materials with contemporary design elements, resulting in furniture pieces that are both functional and visually striking.

The brand prides itself on authenticity and collaboration, working with talented professionals to create functional design solutions that always look good. Ile Ila’s chairs feature frames made from Nigerian teak and showcase colourful explosions of design that represent the cultural traditions of Nigeria. Their creations bring innovation and a touch of sophistication to personal spaces, offering a twist of uniqueness in every piece.

Ile Ila’s commitment to preserving and celebrating traditional African craftsmanship is evident in their creations. Their accent chairs are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, embodying the belief that design should make life better. Their creations offer a fresh perspective on African design and are perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of cultural authenticity to their living space.

Tekura: African-Inspired Tables Crafted Using Traditional Techniques

Tekura, a respected brand, presents a diverse collection of African-inspired tables that showcase the skill and experience of this multi-generational family business, crafted using traditional techniques and materials. Based in South Africa, Tekura combines abstract African cultural graphics and motifs with modern furniture silhouettes, telling contemporary African stories through their designs.

Tekura values collaboration with talented professionals and craftsmen, and they have worked with various brands including Nandos and Weylandts. The brand also upholds principles like authenticity, simplicity, and functionality, believing that design should make life better.

Aside from tables, Tekura also offers a range of other African-inspired furniture and home decor items, each one reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Tekura’s unique designs create an authentic African atmosphere that can transform any living space into a comfortable, stylish, and functional environment.

Ottomans and Footstools: Marie Burgos and Eva Sonaike’s Unique Designs

Marie Burgos and Eva Sonaike offer a range of ottomans and footstools that combine classic silhouettes with iconic mid-century sensibility, and African architectural motifs, respectively, adding a stylish and versatile touch to contemporary living spaces.

Burgos’ designs feature soft velvets and luxurious fabrics, such as those seen in the Milo Armchair and Sofa. The plush neutral colors and mid-century silhouettes create a modern-retro inspired touch, perfect for a stylish living room or bedroom.

Sonaike’s printed ottoman poufs showcase bold colors and patterns, drawing inspiration from African architecture and traditional design techniques. With a range of distinct prints, these ottomans are perfect for adding a statement piece to any living space.

Both designers prioritize quality craftsmanship and use sustainable materials in their creations. Through collaborating with other creatives, they offer innovative and functional design solutions that are both stylish and environmentally friendly.

To see more of Burgos’ and Sonaike’s unique designs, visit their respective websites and social media pages.

54kibo: Curating African Home Decor and Supporting Artisans

54kibo, a store dedicated to curating African home decor, celebrates Africa’s rich design heritage while preserving traditional artisanal knowledge, all while supporting black-owned and woman-owned businesses. The platform offers a range of contemporary African furniture and product designs, bringing a touch of sophistication to people’s personal spaces.

The brand prides itself on its collaborations with amazing creatives, believing that furniture is a way of expressing art and offering personalized designs. 54kibo also emphasizes the importance of traditional African craftsmanship with a modern twist, preserving artisanal knowledge and using non-toxic materials.

Their curated collection includes African home accessories, luxury pillows, modern wall art, furniture, and gifts, catering to different interior styles. The store showcases the creativity of talented artists and designers from Africa and its diaspora, including African American and Caribbean decor.

By supporting 54kibo, customers are not only getting high-end Africa inspired home decor but also contributing to the preservation of Africa’s artisanal heritage and supporting local communities.

Conclusion: Embracing the Beauty of Modern African Furniture and Design

In conclusion, exploring modern African furniture and contemporary designs allows for the embrace of a culturally rich and elegant aesthetic, celebrating the beauty of African craftsmanship in personal living spaces. The blend of African cultural graphics with modern and mid-century furniture silhouettes creates a unique and functional art form that is worth exploring.

The Urbanative showcases its belief in authenticity, collaboration, and design evolution by creating furniture that transforms personal spaces into art forms. By partnering with other brands and creatives, they have created furniture pieces that go beyond functionality, becoming a form of artistic expression.

Other designers like Marie Burgos and Ile Ila have also incorporated modern African elements into their furniture designs. Marie Burgos combines modernity with retro inspiration in her armchairs and sofas, while Ile Ila blends Nigerian materials and mid-century design to create unique accent chairs.

The African furniture designs also extend to tables, ottomans, and footstools. Tekura showcases their craftsmanship in handmade accent tables and benches, while Eva Sonaike offers printed ottoman poufs inspired by African architecture and traditional design techniques.

For those looking to enhance their interior design with modern African furniture and decor, 54kibo offers a curated collection of African home accessories and furnishings. As a woman-owned store, 54kibo celebrates Africa’s rich design heritage by offering unique items that showcase its culture. The store prioritizes sustainability by using non-toxic materials, supporting local artisans, and sourcing materials locally.

Incorporating modern African furniture and design into living spaces adds a touch of sophistication and authenticity while celebrating the beauty of African craftsmanship. Modern African furniture and contemporary designs allow individuals to experience the fusion of cultural heritage, contemporary aesthetics, and functional art. It is truly a reflection of the richness of African culture and aesthetic that can be embraced and celebrated in any living space.


Q: Where is TheUrbanative based?

A: TheUrbanative is based in South Africa.

Q: Who is the founder of TheUrbanative?

A: The founder of TheUrbanative is Mpho Vackier, an engineer turned furniture designer.

Q: Are TheUrbanative products designed and manufactured in South Africa?

A: Yes, all TheUrbanative products are designed and manufactured in South Africa, supporting the local economy and fostering a sense of community.

Q: What is TheUrbanative’s design philosophy?

A: TheUrbanative values authenticity and simplicity, aiming for a sophisticated aesthetic that doesn’t compromise on functionality.

Q: Does TheUrbanative collaborate with other brands?

A: Yes, TheUrbanative collaborates with well-known brands such as Nandos, Win-A-Home, and WEYLANDTS to create inspired and imaginative design solutions.

Q: Who is Marie Burgos?

A: Marie Burgos is a designer associated with TheUrbanative known for her modern armchairs and sofas with a hint of retro inspiration.

Q: Who is Ile Ila?

A: Ile Ila is a designer affiliated with TheUrbanative who creates vibrant accent chairs celebrating Nigerian traditions.

Q: What is Tekura known for?

A: Tekura is a renowned brand offering African-inspired tables crafted using traditional techniques.

Q: What unique ottoman and footstool designs are available?

A: Marie Burgos offers ottomans with classic silhouettes and Eva Sonaike offers Ottoman Poufs that incorporate African architectural motifs and traditional design techniques.

Q: What is 54kibo?

A: 54kibo is a store that curates African home decor, supporting artisans, and prioritizing sustainability.

Q: Can interior designers benefit from exploring modern African home decor?

A: Yes, 54kibo offers an Interior Design Trade Program that provides unique design ideas for residential and commercial projects, connecting designers with different regions of Africa and its diaspora.

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