Traditional African Cowhide Chair

African Cowhide Chair made by Mukango Wa Africa Furniture.

We felt honoured when approached by Revelations Church in Limpopo to make them a Traditional African Throne made from Cowhide and African Strong Wood. They required a few custom features, but the design overall compliments the Mighty Cowhide used. The entire piece was hand carved and took a team of three artists to make. Each artist specializing in producing a particular part of the furniture piece.

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A Cowhide is essentially a raw cow skin “Leather”. Choosing this style can leave a furniture piece with a beautiful natural appeal. Furniture pieces like this are considered a sign of wealth prosperity and deeply rooted in many cultures. Such as the Zulu culture, who happen to be known as great cattle herdsman in African for a very long time and still today they hold cattle in high regard. 

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When it comes to African Furniture, no one does it better than Mukango Wa Africa. African Styled Furniture is a big passion of ours and we always want our clients to feel that their culture is being well respected, and beautifully represented in the furniture pieces they may require from us. Let us make your very own piece that best describes who you, or your establishment is.