We strive here at Mukango Wa Africa Furniture to make the most unique and durable wooden furniture pieces. Furniture that lasts for generations. African Furniture made for Kings and Queens.

Symbolic African Furniture made for Kings and Queens

The furniture pieces we create speak to our clients in a meaningful way. It roars with Africa History and authenticity. It leaves its user feeling like a King or Queen of the vast Africa Kingdom.

African Lion Throne by Mukango Wa Africa Furniture
We have created thousands of hand carved furniture pieces, and although we do custom artwork as well; there is not a single type furniture piece we have not added a African touch to.
This includes but not limited to: Dining tables, thrones, chairs, coffee tables, pool tables, benches, side tables, cupboards and much more.
African Dining table and cupboard with drawers by Mukango Wa Africa Furniture
African Furniture for Kings and Queens 7

African Furniture is furniture that uses

-local African materials

-traditional carving methods,

-and or painting techniques.

African furniture also normally includes incorporating African patterns and or animals in the furniture piece as well.

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We are well known for using the African Big 5 in our designs to represent many things in the African Culture. Many tribes of people relate their symbolism and tribal names to these animals, and even have surnames that closely relate as well.
The mighty Big 5 is also what makes African so unique in it’s own way in terms of wildlife and terrain. We incorporate that deeply with the use of African plants and a safari setting.
African Big 5 carved onto a dining table by Mukango Wa Africa Furniture
African Furniture for Kings and Queens 8

Balancing the placement of the Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo and Leopard on any canvas and than carving it out is not easy. That is what makes Mukango Wa Africa Furnture masters of the big 5. We claim that title with confidence having been doing it for over 20 years.

Mukango Wa Africa Furniture making African carved Big 5 furniture.
African Furniture for Kings and Queens 9
African Big 5 carved into a coffee table
African Furniture for Kings and Queens 10

Let us know if you require any furniture to celebrate your king or queen hood.